Envisioning the Future of Payments with Visa

Collaborating with Visa Latam's innovation team to explore and shape the future of payment technologies.
Envisioning the Future of Payments with Visa

The innovation department faced challenges in keeping pace with technological developments and needed to maintain their competitive edge in the market.

Seeking inspiration for the development of new products and services, Envisioning was engaged to map out new technologies and market opportunities. The delivered work identified emerging technologies across the entire value chain. This research was instrumental in workshops and innovation sprints, serving as a foundational base for the creation of new products and services. Our involvement provided a comprehensive overview of the payment technology landscape, fostering innovation and strategic thinking within the organization.

  • Mapped new technologies for market opportunities
  • Identified emerging technologies in value chain
  • Informed workshops and innovation sprints
  • Created base for new products and services
  • Fostered innovation in payment technology

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