Assistive Technologies Research and Visualization for WIPO

A collaborative project with WIPO to map out and visualize the landscape of Assistive Technologies and their supporting patents.
2019 — 2021
Assistive Technologies Research and Visualization for WIPO

Our collaboration with WIPO in Geneva focused on creating, organizing, and visualizing an extensive research project about Assistive Technologies and the patents underpinning them.

We played a crucial role in helping WIPO identify a range of existing technologies. Additionally, we assisted in structuring their research to be effectively presented in a Radar format. A significant aspect of our contribution was facilitating the collection of quantitative feedback from a series of experts. This process was designed to measure the estimated impact of each technology, providing WIPO with a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the assistive technology landscape. The project not only highlighted current technological capabilities but also offered foresight into future developments in this field.

  • Organized assistive tech research for WIPO
  • Identified range of existing technologies
  • Structured research in Radar format
  • Collected expert feedback on tech impact
  • Provided insight into future tech developments
Assistive Technologies Research and Visualization for WIPO

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