Comprehensive Technology Scanning for WKO's Innovation Map in Austria

Collaborating with WKO to create a dynamic technology radar for over 500,000 business clients across Austria.
2020 — 2024
Comprehensive Technology Scanning for WKO's Innovation Map in Austria

In a joint effort with WKO, the Chamber of Commerce in Austria, we embarked on a mission to curate a comprehensive selection of 105 technology signals for their 500,000 business clients nationwide.

This project involved extensive public promotion by the client and the identification of unique use cases to foster stakeholder engagement. Our collaboration was enriched by incorporating academic and expert feedback, ensuring a multifaceted and informed approach. Today, our role has evolved into providing a 360º scan of emerging technologies, enabling WKO to maintain and update their own radar visualization. This initiative not only helps businesses stay ahead of technological trends but also equips them with valuable insights for strategic decision-making and innovation.

  • Curates tech signals for 500,000 clients
  • Promotes public engagement and awareness
  • Incorporates academic and expert feedback
  • Provides 360º scan of emerging technologies
  • Equips businesses with strategic insights
Comprehensive Technology Scanning for WKO's Innovation Map in Austria
In a groundbreaking collaboration that bridges the gap between foresight and innovation, we embarked on an ambitious journey with Envisioning to chart the future of technology. Together, we have developed the Innovation Map, a comprehensive radar encompassing 105 future technologies poised to redefine our world. This partnership has been a testament to the power of combining visionary thinking with strategic insight, resulting in a tool that not only forecasts technological evolution but also empowers decision-makers to navigate the complexities of tomorrow. The Envisioning team, with their unparalleled expertise in identifying and analyzing emerging technologies, have brought scientific precision and creative storytelling to the forefront of this endeavor. Their ability to distill vast amounts of data into coherent, visually engaging narratives is remarkable. This unique blend of skills has transformed the way we perceive and prepare for future technological landscapes.
Marie-Therese Barth

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